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The main competences of Markestrat are:


  • CRM – Relationship Programs

Managing customer portfolio and developing relationship actions and loyalty is a process increasingly demanding in more competitive markets. Markestrat can support your company to review current and potential customer portfolio, to propose criteria and segmentation actions, to structure relationship programs and customer management and special accounts to leverage the performance of your company and customers.

  • Financial Management and Feasibility Analysis

Having a structured financial management is of fundamental importance so that the company can measure its performance and make strategic decisions correctly. Markestrat supports your business through analysis and reorganization of the financial management model implemented, construction and implementation of financial management tools, analysis of investment projects, and financial and economic assessment of the organization (Valuation Methods).

  • Governance and Family Succession

Family businesses differ from other companies especially in relation to the challenges to manage objectives and conflicts. Markestrat aims to guide the continuity and the success of family businesses, focusing on structuring of processes and governance mechanisms, balancing the family goals with the goals of shareholders.

  • Market Access and Channel Management

The strategy of market access and channel management is essential to support business growth or protect market position. Markestrat has extensive expertise in processes of analysis, recommendations and implementation of access strategies and management programs of channels oriented to the development of partnerships, alliances and results.

  • Market Intelligence and Scenarios

With the use of quantitative and qualitative methods, Markestrat develops scenarios in order to generate knowledge on emerging issues, enabling the company to have a better preparation for plausible futures, besides supporting the adoption of market orientation guided in the creation of unexplored markets and not just in response to changes that have already occurred.

  • Marketing and Communication Planning

Marketing planning is a strategic marketing process that details a set of actions (product, price, distribution and communication channels) to achieve the objectives of the organizations. All proposals are made from a careful study of the company's competitive environment. According to customer needs, the planning may have a focus on marketing communication, and also in other marketing decisions. The method used by Markestrat has already been applied in several small, medium and large companies from different levels of customization. We work both in planning and also in supporting the implementation of the plan, contributing to generate skills, processes and tools that can be applied to companies.

  • Sales and Trading

With increasing competition between companies as well as changes in customer behavior, it is essential for companies to develop sales skills and negotiation. Markestrat offers several training and development programs and customized projects to organize and structure business strategies. Among various issues that can be customized according to the context of each client we can highlight: sales and trading techniques, trading strategies, structuring the management of sales force, sales of value, sales and customer relations.

  • Strategic Planning and Management

The Strategic Management method of Markestrat is customized according to the different realities of organizations. The understanding of how the company is inserted in the competitive environment allows the construction of strategic guidelines that will ensure the future of the business. The process is conducted by experienced partners and has intensive participation of customers. Besides the construction of the drivers of the organizations, the Strategic Management method of Markestrat aims the structuring of governance and implementation of actions focusing on result.

  • Structure, Processes and People

From a deep and internal diagnostics and analysis guided by a holistic vision, Markestrat assists in defining processes, enabling a more organized and rational action, and a better evaluation of the use of company’s resources.



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